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>Ok, I admit it, I spent the weekend running Windows 7 on my Thinkpad. It was fun. It was exciting. Oh yeah, I was gaming…

But, the experience of installing Windows 7 on my machine was fast and easy. The experience of running Windows 7 was not Horrible. A video driver was even installed automagickally. Windows 7 seems to get out of your way, and is pretty snappy.

I’m shocked.

I am sure you are too. The bummer here is that Microsoft has actually listened to the users’ wailing and gnashing of teeth over Vista. I fear for Linux adoption in the face of this. However, I am happy for Windows users – they have an OS to look forward to. ( And the price that it comes with – I hear Win 7 will not be cheap ).

Heavens! Has ddahl gone mad? It sure sounds like it.

Simmer down now! There is no replacement for Unix/Linux anywhere in the Windows world, so my dev environment will continue to be on Ubuntu, which I love using. I just wish there were speedy video drivers for my Thinkpad T500. Windows 7 is so much better (in that regard).

How are the Linux distros going to finally make headway on the desktop? I think when Vista came out there was a real opportunity to finally make a big splash, and they have, but now I have a real doubt in my mind about adoption rates. It’s things like my video drivers that will drive people like me back to the warm embrace of Apple’s “not as evil” business practices and non-nerds back to Microsoft.

Happy Monday!