Archives For August 2010

>Wow, it is August already…


Many feedback reviews again this week, mainly on Console UI.
Landed patch for bug 579954 – “sometimes gBrowser cannot be accessed”


Working on bug 568629 “Small footprint, efficient global console service” with jst – we are making a console api that can be attached to all windows as needed, lazily. This is a component that will broadcast all console.log/info/warn/error calls to WebConsole, Firebug, etc…


Would like to know if recent e10s landings like bug 569227 will get activated in Firefox 4 betas at some point.
Still need to get some coordination on bug 567165 – would be great if this bug, or some semblance of this bug blocked a beta.

All in all, the UI is looking great thanks to Patrick Walton, and Julian and  Mihai are producing patches at an alarming rate. The integration of Firefox and Labs DevTools teams is exciting. Still a lot of work to do.