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>Console patch is up for review on bug 534398

Have a few issues trying to get image loads to log to the correct console. bz is helping me figure out these crazy HTTP load issues.

Filed a bunch of followup bugs:

EDIT: try build is here:

wow – the try server does debug builds now, cool.

Spent some time talking with jimb and sayre about how the console and debugger will fit together and what kind of user experience we are thinking about for the debugger, which has to be GREAT.

Signed up robcee and myself to do a science fair exhibit on DevTools at the Summit.


I plan on utilizing my charcoal grilling apparatus at some point this weekend.

>Much more work on bug 534398 – Found some issues with correlating network traffic with correct HeadsUpDisplay, mostly network traffic where the request is an ImgRequest. I have been getting advice from bz and dougt. This means that the console does not log any network traffic where an image or favicon is loaded.
Also, have an issue where nsIConsoleMessages cannot be correlated with the correct (or any) HeadsUpDisplay. This will need some Platform work, see bug 567165
I have most of the filtering working, there are some bugs with the “binary” on/off filters and I am almost there with the string filter. I should have those sewn up on Monday, and a patch for review by Tuesday midday.


Nail down filtering, ask for review, (any takers?), fix all tests and write a few new ones.
New try build and a blog post.


Platform attention on bug 567165. It would be great to be able to get the “contentWindow ID” in each content JS and CSS consoleMessage. That would make message isolation (to a tab) “easy”.