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>A really huge frustration I have had at work in the past is when a company or team I work with won’t shut up about ideas and just code something.

I have worked on teams where people just go around and around on why something is a dumb idea or why it won’t work 75% of the time or whatever.

I have found that a live demo speaks volumes about your concept and you better just stop talking and create it – even if it turns out to be unusable in the long run.

Do it and do it fast. If you are successful, great, if not, trash it and keep going.

This post by Paul Buchheit is perfect:

>It’s quite amazing how much traction we get out of irc at work. It’s pretty much a rule to keep the conversation inside irc. This makes a whole lot of sense, as we have all kinds of documentation in the chat logs. I am very accustomed to chatting for work conversation, debugging and whatnot. I love the decentralized model. This is above and beyond what I have ever experienced. So cool.

Between irc, blogs and bugzilla, we are all having a lot of online conversations. Email is important, but secondary. I likes. 99% of the communication is captured in a pretty meaningful way, unlike typical corporate massive reliance on email, which is so full of spam and nonsense.

>The cool thing about really getting your hands dirty deep inside of chrome is learning how the Mozilla developers workflow works. So cool. As an extension developer, I was so used to a workflow where I code, restart Firefox and test. When you work on Mozilla you code/write tests, run make, make check on the module or modules you are touching and start your build, then test if need be…

So cool. I am having a ton of fun. At my last job I was leading a project and now I am back in the position as a student, my favorite place to be:)

>Arrived 8:30. Benefits, meet new boss again, collect new ThinkPad! w00t!

Install Ubuntu 8.10, all goes well (bad cd media withstanding). apt-get installed all Mozilla dev dependencies.




hg clone mozilla source. starting to play with building Firefox. I am going to learn a lot.

This is exciting. I am hyped

Check out this BBC documentary about Islamic medieval Europe. So cool. I visited Alhambra in Granada back in 2005, I was blown away.

>I figure I have been sitting on the “blogging sidelines” long enough. I am also starting a new job that has very little secrecy involved *for once*. Yay!

I am going to try and post technical related things that will help me later and I hope others as well. I plan on getting sidetracked by many other topics as well.