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>”Heads Up Display” bug 529086 Added properties file and stringBundles to source files that do UI stuff. All strings are L10N ready, adding more will be trivial.

Met with FX UI team to begin brainstorming about the Console UI, good ideas came out of this meeting, one of which is using an “arrow panel” when first activating the Heads Up Display. Filed bugs 559481 and 559482

Looks like I have coerced mrbkap for a first-round review – “next week”.

Began implementing the “filtering mechanism” and UI (just a toolbar for now as per Limi’s advice)

Will spend some time Monday updating the wikipage and milestones with time estimates and what a first-landing looks like.

More filtering work as this is going to be tricky to turn certain behaviors on and off. I continue to do clean up and make sure code is adhering to the style guide.

Would love some feedback on bug 561458 about how the UI is initiated and applied to the browser. Overlays are pretty much out – I think.

I will create a new try build as soon as the filtering is working properly.

>My work was interrupted last week by this handsome young man’s birth:

I left off with a review request on the code in hand for bug 534398. Started work on the “global console” data and “placeholder” output UI. I tried using a separate window, but it was a bit disjointed.

Also got some work done on the “global console” storage and various listeners. needs work, but approach is visible.


Add a JSTerm “input” element to the regular console with output directed to the regular console. Fix exception listener so all global messages are written to the “global console”


I was going to try and parallelize the reviews for this work, but, after speaking with Rob Strong about the review process on EM rewrite, he recommended that the review this console work should be comprehensive from a single reviewer. Mossop agrees as well. I have asked vlad for review – until he begins review I will be doing some more test writing and cleanup.

Update: Latest try Build:

>Still plugging away on bug 534398 “Heads Up Display – console”:

Implemented DOM Mutation logging as well as more concise network logging.

Removed all programmatic CSS and started using the css service.

Tweaked the UI to make it more “usable” while under such heavy development.

Implemented a ConsoleStorage module to keep all logging data, as well as make it easily iterable. This is mainly for the “global console”

More work on “JSTerm” or “Javascript Workspaces”




Everything is up to date in the repo:


Need to make each logged message “updatable” by asynchronous but related log messages.

Also need to add an exception listener that can log to the corresponding tab’s “Display”.
Should be straight forward.

Add preferences for turning on and off functionality, etc.

Slowly breaking things out into smaller, stand-alone and tested modules or additional services (maybe) – to make review easier.


Need to get feedback and start reviews on the various bits: HUDService, HeadsUpDisplay module, storage module, JSTerm module.

Update: Latest Try Builds are here: