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>There has been a lot of discussion about ORMs, web frameworks and MozStorage on Mozilla newsgroups as of late. Coincidentally, I have been slogging through using MozStorage with Places (bookmarking) code in my day to day. I really miss my days of lazy lazy Orm-y development, you know, Django Models:

my_old_macs = Computer.objects.filter(model__exact='Mac IIci').order_by('-date_aquired')

the result object ‘my_old_macs’ is a wrapped query that has not executed yet. Once you begin iterating, it executes and returns the rows as Computer objects.

for mac in my_old_macs:
print mac.model
print mac.nickname
print mac.date_aquired

Ahhh, the beauty and simplicity. Here is the Model reference.

I need this kind of easy to use (and yet sophisticated) ORM style database connectivity in Firefox for the 60% + of the time where a simple, bloated ORM does the trick.

There is a related bug in Bugzilla.

I have spent a lot of time lately (mostly weekends) hacking some very buggy and naive ORM code that mimics Django – a little:)

I have attached it to bug 394372

I would love some feedback, I know I am doing some things wrong and bad, but I think I have some good concepts fleshed out.

Here is the basic usage:

var id = new Field('id','INTEGER',null,false,true,true,null);
var make_model = new Field('make_model','VARCHAR',128,false,false,false,null);
var fields = [id,make_model];
var computer = new Model(fields,'myDbTable');
var models = [computer];
var orm = new Orm('computers.sqlite',models);

// create the database:

// let's insert:{make_model:'Mac IIci'});{make_model:'Mac IIcx'});{make_model:'Mac IIvx'});

// get a computer
var myIIci = computer.filter(['make_model__eq__Mac IIci']);

// Not working yet, but the style I am going for:

// update a computer{make_model:'Mac IIci MK2'});

// delete a computer

// JOIN query:

var nerdsWithIIcis = nerd.filter(['computer__make_model__eq__Mac IIci']);

Let me know what you think. You can do prety amazing things with Django, and yes, you do have to still write SQL here and there for perfomance reasons.

I hang out in #places, nick: ddahl