>The toast has landed butter-side up

2010/06/22 — Leave a comment

>Today, the web console code attached to bug 534398 landed on mozilla-central. This means that starting with tomorrow’s  nightly, you will have a new “Heads Up Display” console to tinker with:

If you are interested, the Meta bug is here

There are a number of followup bugs that need to be addressed, the list is here:

Console Bugs

There is a lot of work to do yet, including some platform work. Two glaring bugs are:

“When reporting errors, warnings, etc… to the consoleService, report the originating window or context

The existing errorConsole in Firefox has messages sent to it that do not know what tab the error originated in. We really want to isolate all messages you see to the tab you care about as a web developer. It becomes tedious to try and watch the scrolling messages at times if a “noisy” page is loaded in one of your 200 open tabs. So you will notice that not all errors are displayed in the console.


“create event or method to determine the source contentWindow of loading images and media”

In Firefox, images are loaded differently than script, css and html pages, so much so, that it is difficult to trace these image loads back to the originating tab as well.

Once these two bugs are fixed, your console messages will be very accurately focused to the tab you care about.

The console itself has the standard API: console.log, console.info, console.warn and console.error.

This initial landing into Minefield nightly will hopefully generate some valuable feedback from web developers and Mozilla developers alike. Please do not hesitate to comment here or even better in bugzilla.



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