>Firefox Console Update: Try Builds!

2010/06/10 — 1 Comment

>As part of the “Developer Tools” we are working on for Firefox 4, the console is coming along nicely. The latest “try builds” are here for Linux, Windows and MacOS:

Windows and Mac Builds

Linux build

The UI has not been worked on at all at this point. There are several bugs on mock ups and implementation. The current UI was implemented by me, an engineer, so you will be underwhelmed.

There are several broken features like image urls not logging properly and not all exceptions and CSS errors are logged to the tab’s console.

Here is the list of currently open bugs:  http://is.gd/cKswu

Here is a screen shot:

Feel free to download it and take it for a test run, file bugs. This is still at an early point, but feedback is valuable, so don’t hesitate to comment here or in Bugzilla.

One response to >Firefox Console Update: Try Builds!


    Looks awesome but how about integrating a simple code highlighter?
    p.s.: Is it so necessary to use these dumb url shorteners?

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