>In which the author updates DevTools project status… and a baby

2010/04/13 — 1 Comment

>My work was interrupted last week by this handsome young man’s birth: http://www.flickr.com/photos/dahl/4503774520/in/photostream/

I left off with a review request on the code in hand for bug 534398. Started work on the “global console” data and “placeholder” output UI. I tried using a separate window, but it was a bit disjointed.

Also got some work done on the “global console” storage and various listeners. needs work, but approach is visible.


Add a JSTerm “input” element to the regular console with output directed to the regular console. Fix exception listener so all global messages are written to the “global console”


I was going to try and parallelize the reviews for this work, but, after speaking with Rob Strong about the review process on EM rewrite, he recommended that the review this console work should be comprehensive from a single reviewer. Mossop agrees as well. I have asked vlad for review – until he begins review I will be doing some more test writing and cleanup.

Update: Latest try Build: https://build.mozilla.org/tryserver-builds/ddahl@mozilla.com-HUDConsole0407/

One response to >In which the author updates DevTools project status… and a baby


    >Congrats to the family, Dave! šŸ™‚

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