>DevTools Console Update for April 2

2010/04/03 — Leave a comment

>Still plugging away on bug 534398 “Heads Up Display – console”:

Implemented DOM Mutation logging as well as more concise network logging.

Removed all programmatic CSS and started using the css service.

Tweaked the UI to make it more “usable” while under such heavy development.

Implemented a ConsoleStorage module to keep all logging data, as well as make it easily iterable. This is mainly for the “global console”

More work on “JSTerm” or “Javascript Workspaces”


Console: http://yfrog.com/bescreenshot012qp

JSTerm: http://yfrog.com/74screenshot013xp

Everything is up to date in the repo: http://hg.mozilla.org/users/ddahl_mozilla.com/heads-up-display/


Need to make each logged message “updatable” by asynchronous but related log messages.

Also need to add an exception listener that can log to the corresponding tab’s “Display”.
Should be straight forward.

Add preferences for turning on and off functionality, etc.

Slowly breaking things out into smaller, stand-alone and tested modules or additional services (maybe) – to make review easier.


Need to get feedback and start reviews on the various bits: HUDService, HeadsUpDisplay module, storage module, JSTerm module.

Update: Latest Try Builds are here: https://build.mozilla.org/tryserver-builds/ddahl@mozilla.com-HUDConsole0402/

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