>Even more Devtools status updates

2010/03/20 — 4 Comments

> Closed bug 545266 and bug 546708 – toolkit and browser “scaffolding”

Heads Up Display, console (bug 534398): I have gotten a try-server build to work. It is not pretty, but it works. You can call console.log(“I am a log message”); from content and it works. The API follows Firebug: console.log, console.warn, console.error, console.info.

I am re-factoring things right now to move most functionality into toolkit as well as isolating things out of a jsm and into 2 components.
Setup a user repo at: http://hg.mozilla.org/users/ddahl_mozilla.com/heads-up-display/


Pretty current try build is here: https://build.mozilla.org/tryserver-builds/ddahl@mozilla.com-HUDConsole/

Url to test try build is here: http://mozilla.ddahl.com/test-console.html


More refactoring, hoping to ask for a review on monday from Mr. Mossop.

4 responses to >Even more Devtools status updates


    >Random comments, since you are listed in PMO:- Is there a wiki page or something on the devtools project? It would be very useful to understand the context and scope of this if I want to be able to comment sensibly on it.- (As mentioned by jjb in bug 534398) How will this affect things like Firebug, which attempts to create its own console object? Your code appears to live in toolkit/ and browser/, which isn't optional. It also happily throws errors if the console object exists, but the hud doesn't…- Will this affect startup time and footprint, given the above? Do we assume all users, developers or not, will derive some benefit from having devtools always present?- You are doing very Firefox-specific things in toolkit/ code (assume tabbrowser, notification box, browsers, gBrowser, etc.). Tabbrowser was specifically moved from toolkit/ to browser/ in the past. If you want to depend on the details of that element, please have the code in browser/. (I'd much prefer if tabbrowser itself became toolkit code again and became usable from non-Firefox apps, but that seems unlikely at this point and is probably closer to fantasy.)- You throw an error on unsupported app name, in toolkit/ code. That doesn't seem like a very good idea for the platform?


    >@Mook:The wiki page is here: https://wiki.mozilla.org/Firefox/Projects/ConsoleThe naming issue is still up in the air, we can change the name of the console, or make it configurable, perhaps even checking the extension manager for Firebug and changing it dynamically. Not a big deal.I am currently moving most of the functionality to toolkit and attempting to write "hooks" for all applications that might use Heads Up Display – making it as application neutral as possible.As far as startup is concerned, I hope to check a pref before doing anything cpu intensive to see if "HUD" should be enabled at all.As far as the specifics of throwing errors, etc, this code is pre-alpha and no toolkit peers or owners have peeked at it.Thanks for the feedback.


    >Thanks for replying! Reading the wiki and your responses definitely makes things clearer. And sorry about jumping the gun on reviewing; re-reading the previous comment, I definitely didn't come across the right way – it was more meant to be reminders than a real review 🙂 Sorry about that.Note that for startup, pref checking means you need to load the component into memory of some sort (which shouldn't be too bad with fastload, but still – see the work on nsUpdateService, for example). I'm curious to see if you can think of any nice ways of working around that so I can copy it in my own code 😀


    >@Mook:I appreciate the drive by comments. I am still pretty green on Mozilla code, so it all helps.The latest check-in on my user repo has some more concrete ideas about using "Mixins" by other Gecko apps to take advantage of the console and debugging output/UI.

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