>Devtools Status Update 2010-03-12

2010/03/13 — Leave a comment

> The current console patches are found on bug 545266 and bug 546708 – also try builds will start once things are actually usable – I hope end of next week. It turns out that trying to attach (and keep attached) an arbitrary object on a nsIDOMWindow is a it of a pain – from outside the window’s constructor. sicking told me about his patch for detecting new windows (before content scripts run) and attaching objects to them: bug 549539 – which landed late today. Yay. With this patch on trunk it should be trivial now to detect window construction and attach a console.


Work with the new window detection hooks to implement the observer that keeps window consoles re-appearing. Every load of the browser creates a new nsIDOMWindow – news to me, anyway.


I may need some initial “WIP CSS” help to pretty up the logging output. I’ll try my hand at it next week after I have gotten the initial event handling worked out.

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